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As a 501(c)(3) organization, the Hispana Realizada Foundation relies on the assistance and financial support of our partners to provide our aspiring entrepreneurs the workshops, webinars, seminars, networking events and coaching sessions they need to thrive as business owners

Whether it’s through sponsorship, matching gift programs, or promotional campaigns, the generosity of our corporate partners is incomparable.

Corporate sponsorship of Hispana Realizada will give your company great visibility and show the Hispanic community you care about their success. Reach out to us to customize a sponsorship package that fits your needs.

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Your partnership helps Hispanic women reach their economic potential. By partnering with us, you help Hispanic women with mentoring, hands-on courses, training, and services so they can build scalable, profitable business.

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About Us

Hispana Realizada provides Hispanic women entrepreneurs and business leaders resources, mentoring, and a variety of training and development programs and solutions in Spanish to expand establish or expand a business and promote women’s empowerment all while stimulating local economies.

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Our Mission

To empower Hispanic women so they may reach their full potential and become agents of change and influence for themselves and their families through entrepreneurship, mentoring, training, and development support.

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